Ripping water Hot Tubs is a midwest company providing reliable, hand-built luxurious hot tubs at affordable prices. 

Why choose Rippling Water Hot Tubs 

QCA Spas are the manufacturers of Rippling Water Hot Tubs. We are proud to be carrying this newly developed line of QCA Spas that are made in the USA in Dewitt, Iowa. 

Hand-built and designed for hydrotherapy, comfort, wellness, and reliability at affordable prices. our mid-western work ethic and decades of experience can provide you with the best build spa around. Even though QCA spas are sold around the world, they will always be built right here in the midwest. 

Relax. one of the most established benefits of hydrotherapy is an overall sense of relaxation of the body and mind. Sit back, relax and let the jets do the work. 

Relieve. we commonly hold a lot of tension on our muscles and other connective tissues from stress. A hydromassage can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety. 

Improve. Hydrotherapy increases the circulation of white blood cells around the body allowing lymphatic fluid to move through the body more efficiently and effectively, which can help improve our immune system. 

Reduce. Pressurized streams of water can gently massage muscle fibers and help promote increased blood circulation, reducing pain and soreness. having the ability to customize the pressure and direction of a massage can help target muscle groups for the optimum experience. 

Recoup. soaking in hot water increases blood flow to your muscles which can help with faster recovery. hot water therapy is commonly used for athletes so they can work harder and recover faster. 


Nordic has led the industry in providing high-quality, therapeutic hot tubs. A Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price.


why choose a Nordic Hot Tub 

Nordic Hot Tubs are made in the USA at their Detroit, MI plant. 

Simplicity. Everything about Nordic Hot Tub is straightforward. There are no gadgets and gizmos added. This helps make your hot tub stress-free and user-friendly. 

Therapeutic. Nordic Hot Tubs are built to give you physical benefits, psychological benefits, and general health benefits. The hot water works to warm up your muscles well the jets go to work on the pain points with direct pressure therapy. 

Dual Therapy. Dual therapy is a combination of direct pressure massage and high-volume whirlpool therapy. Nordic Hot Tubs uses multiple jets with unique configurations in every tub to receive a unique therapy experience. 

Affordability. Nordic Hot Tubs has five different levels (or series) of price points. from the luxury series to the plug-N-play models. Nordic Not tubs make sure there is the right tube for every budget. 

Superior Quality. Nordic Hot Tubs looks for the best of the best in products. Their team members have years of experience with hot tubs, some with over 20 years. the polyester plastic can withstand the hit of a baseball bat and still not crack. 

Reliability. Nordic Hot Tubs believes in "building it right the first time." All of their tubs are water tested not once but two times before leaving the factory to ensure quality. 

We Back it up! Every tub, from the luxury series to the plug-N-play series is covered by the same warranty. lifetime shell, ten yeat perm wood cabinet, five-year heater, three-year component, three-year no-leak. 


Owning a Vita Spa is not only soothing but also very smart. A Vita Spa is not an ordinary purchase, but an investment.


Why choose Vita 

MAAX Spas is the manufacturer of Vita Spas and is an industry leader in luxury hot water products. Vita Spas are made in the USA at their Chandler, AZ plant. 

Beauty. A spa built specifically for your needs to help heal your body and mind. along with adding a centerpiece to your backyard. 

Pride. Vita Spas takes pride in what they build. Every spa leaving the building goes through an inspection to ensure nothing is missed, so have the best experience. 

Variety. There is a wide variety of color combinations, sizes, seat configurations, and message types for every style, need, and budget. 

Reliability. Vita Spas provide a warranty for every Spa. The warranty applies to the spa structure, surface, plumbing, pumps, heater, blowers, and controls. 

Luxury. Vita Spas has the capability to do so much more. BLUETOOTH sound system to crank up the toons for the backyard get-together, or soft music to help you relax. With the WIFI capability, you can actually control the spa while you are away from your phone or keep an eye on it while you are out of town. with the touchscreen control, you can lock the control system when you don't want it to change, or can even change the way it is facing whether you are in the spa or standing outside of it.