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Above Ground Pools




Outback Southport GLX

The OutBack above ground pool line is built for endurance, and the Southport GLX model falls in step with this tradition. The pool is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all holding fast to the same sturdy construction standards. A heavy-duty steel frame and wall core fashioned from the heaviest gauge steel used in the industry combine with the high quality acrylic wall finish to create a pool that is well-built and well-suited for any backyard.

Benefits and Features:
  • Exclusive Protectoloc Triple Wall Coating for all-weather durability, strength and style
  • Extra deep wall corrugation and state-of the-art corrosion protection on the wall and frame
  • Wall core made of the heaviest gauge steel used in the industry
  • Double quadra fold wall that provides eight thicknesses of steel at the closure
  • Independent stabilizer support system for easiest wall assembly in the industry
  • 5-1/4-inch vertical supports
  • Rugged 6-inch top rail



Outback Brisbane

There is nothing better than having access to a beautiful body of water. Available in a wide variety of round or oval sizes, there is a Brisbane pool designed to fit every backyard as well as every budge. The Brisbane from OutBackTM Pools - a beautiful addition to your backyard decor.

Benefits and Features:
  • Rugged 7" top rail and 5 1/2" vertical supports treated with Texture-KoteTM all-weather protective coatings
  • 2 piece resin connector and foot cover for precise fit and finish
  • Extra deep wall corrugation with exclusive ProtectolocTM Triple Wall Coating withstands even the harshest elements.
  • Wall core made with heaviest gauge of steel available in the industry and double Quadra-Fold wall joints provide eight thick layers of steel at the closure
  • Stabilizer support system for easy wall installation
  • Coordinated wall and printed frame pattern give a unique and stylish look that will enhance your backyard decor



  Seaspray Evolution CLX

The Evolution CLX above ground pool represents the successful blending of state- of-the-art technology and the latest design trends. The pool's unique curve design, embossed around the pool edges, lends strenght to the Evolution CLX aesthetic and it's structure.


Benefits include:

 Giant 9-inch Top Rail                                                                                                            Available Sizes

  • Torsion rigidity built in with the embossed curve                                          15' , 18' , 24' , 27' , 33'                           Round
  • High-quality Coatings                                                                                   12 x 24' , 15 x 30' , 18 x 33' , 18 x 40'    Oval
  • Bonded and Plastisol coated for life-long resistance
  • Completely integrated parts for seamless super strength
  • Strengthening curved design give impact-resistant strength
  • Stylish pool wall finish with an asymmetrical design
  • Unique design adds elegance and strength to the pool structure
  • Uses less backyard space
  • Both efficient and aesthetically pleasing
  • Standard with the Evolution
  • Offers superior skimming, resulting in a much cleaner pool
  • Seamless Structure
  • Super-strength Emboss Curve
  • Elegant Design
  • ‘Curve’ advantage
  • Buttress-Free Oval System
  • Wide Mouth Skimmer